martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Pin - up Tattoo Designs

Pin-up tattoos tend to be more outrageous bodily amd can be shown with great style. Pin-up girls look great with lower back tattos, sleve tattos and ankle tattoos. Pun-up designs also have multi-fold nature. They can be sweet, unassuming, smart.. However they will always be a symbol of beauty, promisicuty and grace.

Tattooing Tips

Are you sure you want a tattoo?
Before you get a tattoo you have to be sure you really want one. It is a difficult process to remove a tattoo and is very painful. There is also a good chance it can get infected.

Choosing the tattoo artist.
Be sure you know who is going to tattoo you. It isn't a good idea to get a friend or someone who is unexperienced to tattoo you.

Tattoo studio.
When you enter the studio make sure everything looks clean and hygenic. Apart from this, needle buckets, germicidal soap, disposable needles and gloves are also needed. 

viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Things you should know before you get a tattoo.

Some years ago the idea of getting a tattoo was alarming and thought to be very dangeorous, today they are gaining popularity, but, here's a list of thing you need to know before you get a tattoo.
- Tattos hurt, and they take quite some time to heal, it isn't just a two days process.
- It is absolutely permanent. There are some methods to remove it but they leave scars, so be sure of what you are getting done.
- People are going to be able to see it. Take care of the places you are going to get the tattoo done, it can create difficulties in finding a job.

Most painful places to get a tattoo.

There are different ways to meassure where and why tattoos are more painful than in other places:
- The closer the area is to the bone, the more it will hurt.
- The areas that have lots of nerve endings are extra sensative and always is painful.
- The thinner the skin, the more the tattoo will hurt.

Paw Print Tattoos.

The best thing about these tattoos is that you can design them in your own way. Paw print tattoos are worn by women and men. Some people get these tattoos because they like the design, others in honor of their pet, and others because of their meanings. Here are some meanings: 

- Dog: Very protective, adorable, and friendly.
- Cat: Sharp, clever, and watchful Deer: Fertility, beauty, and love.
- Boar: Determined, sincere, and sociable.
- Wolf: Expressive (both vocally and physically), loyal, and possesses fierce strength.
- Tiger: Unpredictable, powerful, and energetic.

martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Tree Tattoos

Trees have had a symbolic meaning since the beggining of history. They symbolize the circle of life, in Celtic tradition it is believed that trees were the ancestors of minkind, since they had spirit and life. They are also symbols of wisdom and connections to 'the other world'. If you feel passionate about this, tree tattoos look great on any part of the body.

Music Note Tattoos

Music is an incredible powerfull thing, it can change people's mood, release tension, fight depression..
Some people believe that music is a big help in their daily life, they feel they understand it and want to have it marked on them forever.
Music note tattoos look beutiful and uncomplicated.